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"It's so easy any one can do it! "

 - Kevin Dau

Denison Middle School AD
Denison High School Head Softball Coach
"That's it, I'm done! "

 - Chad VanKley
Denison High School Head Football Coach

"Monarch Media (Sports Media Reporting) is a quick and easy way to report your stats. With one click of a button you send your stats to several newspapers and t.v. stations all at once.

It sure beats having to call all those people."

 - Ryne Young

Denison High School Assistant Baseball & Basketball Coach

"We have been extremely pleased with our district's use of Sports
Media Reporting. It has made reporting athletic events and schedule changes much more efficient. Parents, players and fans along with the media enjoy having game results and schedule changes available to them as soon as the contest is over or the change occurs. Sports Media Reporting has saved countless hours of time for our coaches and athletic

 - Rollie Wiebers

Charter Oak-Ute Community Schools Superintendent

"I have thoroughly enjoyed using this program. Being able to take the stats on the i pad during the game and instantly downloading them to the program saves so much time and energy. It is nice to know that we are one of the first to turn in scores to media. There are no phone calls and that counts especially after a tough loss and the last thing you want is to spell out the names of the opposing teams players to the newspaper and relive it again. It is also a great tool for our school to have the scores and stats available to the year book, and school news paper so they can get that information at any time. I know our kids enjoy this tool as well. "

- Jim Staley
Charter Oak-Ute High School Head Boys Basketball Coach

"The system that Pam has developed has saved our coaches numerous hours when it comes to reporting information to the media. With one click all the media of your choice can be notified with the result and comments of that event. As an Athletic Director it gives me one place to go to for rosters, results, pictures, and season summaries. Very powerful tool and very important part of the Denison-Schleswig Activities Program."

 - Dave Wiebers

Denison High School Activities Director
"SMR is a very useful tool for everyone involved in our districts extra curricular activities. It is beneficial for the coaches, parents, administration, students, and media. This site allows people to know what is happening in the district and allows students and the community to take pride in our schools programs.

On the coaching and administration side, it is very useful because you do not have to call several media outlets with stats and scores, which took up at least a half an hour. You can now go in enter the data, attach a document and send it to virtually anyone that needs it. Also, the community can see the stats on the site which is again another selling point.

The system also can be used as a record keeping system for coaches, administration, and secretaries. The way the system is set up, it will allow coaches to see if their students have their paper work in and are ready to play. Also, you can see if you need to notify kids or parents on outdating paper work.

Lastly, the support system has been very helpful and ........ Pam and Scott have done a great job and have a very useful and beneficial product."

 - Adam Eggeling
Charter Oak-Ute High School AD/Head Football Coach
"Monarch Media (Sports Media Reporting)  has been so helpful to me. Every morning when I get to work my email contains all the sports results I need, plus it automatically updates our web site as well. It saves me at least 15 minutes a day, not having to call coaches and run down scores and results. I strongly recommend this program."

Randy Grossman

Sports Director
KDSN-AM & FM - Denison, IA

"I find the new reporting system very beneficial and easy to comprehend. The coaches I've talked to and who report using the system to me absolutely love it. Besides reporting results, there's a spot for coaches to make comments and that's a big plus. I don't have to continuously leave messages for coaches
to call me for comments because they're right there on the form. It's great for them and myself. What I've also found is that coaches tend to get the results sent in on a timely manner and I'm sure that's because the system is easy to use and doesn't take a lot of time. I'm sure coaches also love the idea of being able to send results to multi media members all in one shot  instead of sending them separate which takes a lot of time. It's a great
system. It's definitely made my job a lot easier."

 - Todd Danner
Denison Bulletin & Review

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