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We have managed a high school activity site for over ten years. The site offers schedules, scores, coach's comments, and highlights of the many activities that take place daily. At times we found it burdensome to gather activity result information. There had to be a better way!

My husband's Father was a College basketball Coach and A.D. for several years, and as a child, he remembers his Dad spending 45 minutes to an hour after every game reporting game results to the media. Often he would hear his Father answer the same questions over and over again. It was clear this was not one of the most enjoyable parts of his job.

One of our sons was a high school coach and is presently an Activities Director and Principal. We asked him if things have changed; they haven't, until now.

After several discussions with my father-in-law, our son, and the A.D. at our local high school, the idea behind Sports Media Reporting was born. Sports Media Reporting system significantly reduces the time coaches spend submitting reports to media and allows A.D.'s to monitor activity results reporting. Also, the system provides media and the public with timely, consistent results.

Communities state that the system provides parents, students, and grandparents a place to find activity results and schedules, a key component in building team support.

The Sports Media Reporting system has been refined and improved through local testing, and we discovered that it not only helps Coaches, A.D.s, and media outlets but it can improve support for the entire program.

"We have been extremely pleased with our district's use of Sports Media Reporting. It has made reporting athletic events and schedule changes much more efficient. Parents, players and fans along with the media enjoy having game results and schedule changes available to them as soon as the contest is over or the change occurs. Sports Media Reporting has saved countless hours of time for our coaches and athletic director."

  - Rollie Wiebers

Charter Oak-Ute Community Schools Superintendent
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