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If You report activity results to the media, Sports Media Reporting just made your job a little easier!

Sports Media Reporting substantially reduces the time necessary to report activity results to multiple media outlets. The Sports Media Reporting system also gives you the ability to increase the distribution of activity results while reducing the time it takes to complete reporting. Activity Directors can monitor reporting, and determine report destinations.

  • Save hundreds of hours reporting activity results.
  • Roster completion and distribution can be managed without re-typing.
  • Increase distribution of activity results.
  • Boost program support with results distribution.
  • Simultaneous Media reporting and public display.

Sports Media Reporting is a cost-effective way to reduce man-hours, build support, monitor activity reporting, and manage rosters.

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"I find the new reporting system very beneficial and easy to comprehend. The coaches I've talked to and who report using the system to me absolutely love it. Besides reporting results, there's a spot for coaches to make comments and that's a big plus. I don't have to continuously leave messages for coaches to call me for comments because they're right there on the form. It's great for them and myself. What I've also found is that coaches tend to get the results sent in on a timely manner and I'm sure that's because the system is easy to use and doesn't take a lot of time. I'm sure coaches also love the idea of being able to send results to multi media members all in one shot instead of sending them separate which takes a lot of time. It's a great system. It's definitely made my job a lot easier."

 - Todd Danner

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