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A Tale of Two Schools
(3 Peoples Choice Award nominations*)

Back from its long awaited cinematic debut at
the Iowa High School Activity Directors Convention.

A modern story about the inner workings of two
similar yet very different schools. (Not a romantic comedy)

Meet Ima Super Coach and the Activities Director
at his school, A.D. Do Right.

Introducing Just Another Coach (JAC) and his
Activities Director, A.D Okay.

Run Time: Approx. 3 minutes

Ima Super Coach Played by Stick LaBranch
A.D. Do Right  Played by Pipe  A. Cleaner
Just Another Coach (JAC) Played by Pop  Syclestick
A.D Okay Played by Twig  Knot

  Rated PG for Pretty Good

Three of us voted and thought it should be nominated

"A gripping drama.."  - Sawmill Press

"The dialog was riveting.." - Stickton Times

The Academy should give this serious consideration.." 
E Leaf Tonight

"A truly grainy storyline.."  - Woodworker Weekly

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