Why Sports Media Reporting is the Right Choice for Your Program!


Softball Coaching

Sports Media Reporting (SMR) provides Coaches and Instructors with a way to report scores and stats to the media without spending hours on the phone. Many Coaches and Instructors complete media reporting within a few minutes after an event. Coaches have made comments like, "That's it, I'm done!" and "a quick and easy way to report your stats" when commenting on the Sports Media Reporting system. The reporting system saves time which allows instructors to do what they do best.

Activities Directors

SMR helps activity directors (AD's) manage, track, and monitor schedules, rosters, media reporting, and more. AD's track actual media submissions by receiving all reports themselves. The system makes it easy to cancel, postpone or change activity information. Schedule and roster import is available, making it easy to manage several activities. We know you are busy, and Sports Media Reporting is here to help.

The Public (Supporters)


The public-facing portion of your SMR website provides the public with easy access to schedules, scores, results, stats, and maps that help them follow your program. A quick view offers the entire 7-day activity schedule at a glance. Choose an individual activity and find team photos, complete activity schedule, rosters, Coach's information, and more. Maps to away events make it easy for supporters to follow your activity.

Your Program

Sports Media Reporting helps build support for your program by making it easier to view activity results, schedules, rosters, and event information. SMR gives interested parties a one-stop place to see details regarding your program. Fans are more loyal and invested in your program when they are informed. Boosters appreciate being able to find the latest results with just a click. SMR helps media cover your activity and generate exposure for your events.

The Media

Sports Reporter

SMR provides media outlets with up-to-date scores, stats, and relevant Coach's comments. When media outlets do not have to chase down results, they are more likely to cover your events. Members of the media have raved about the simplicity of the reporting system. Media outlets have commented on the speed with which Coaches report results, allowing them to prepare coverage of an event earlier.



Let's face it; technology rules the day when it comes to students. Sports Media Reporting gives Students a place to find stats, scores, schedules, and more on almost any device. Beyond availability, SMR builds team spirit and keeps alumni informed. The reporting system is also a resource for recruiters, which may help students earn scholarships, grants, and recognition.

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